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FAQs for Quit Smoking Derbyshire Hypnosis

Can everyone experience hypnosis ?

Yes, experience hypnosis as long as they want to. A hypnotherapist can’t make you to go into hypnosis against your will.

 Will I be aware ?

Yes, you will be more aware of what is happening. Eve your eyes are shut your other senses can increase their awareness.

Will I be able to recall what happened during hypnotherapy ?

Yes and No. You will remember many things but not everything which is something that happens in everyday life anyway.

Will I have to be under the hypnotherapist’s control ?

No. You will stay in control at all times. In fact anytime you want to you can open your eyes.

What happens if the hypnotherapist has a heart attack ?

Although this is highly unlikely, if it does, you will simply open your eyes and handle the situation as you would do at any other time.

Is hypnosis dangerous ?

No, the BMA has approved its use. You are safe as hypnosis occurs in life naturally.

What should I expect hypnosis to be like ?

It can be quite an ordinary experience. Indeed you have already been in hypnosis as it occurs in activities like daydreaming, when reading a book and even agt times when driving a car.

Must I accept all the suggestions given ?

No. Your mind is powerful and protects you. You will reject any suggestions that go against your morals or beliefs. Not that the professional hypnotherapist is going to make them anyway.

What exactly is hypnosis then?

Hypnosis can be that occasion when we are sittting or standing somewhere (home or work) when our mind wanders off. Often, someone who notices your mind is elsewhere will say, ‘ Hey, wake up you’re in a trance’ ! Now although this is a saying which we use without necessarily thinking about it, the phrase ‘in a trance’ is actually very accurate. You have been in a trance or hypnosis and have been perfectly safe and when you decided to return from your daydreaming you did.

How many sessions will I need ?

This is dependent on issue or issues you have. For quitting smoking one session lasting about 90 minutes is usually enough.

What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy ?

Hypnosis is the state that you can experience. Hypnotherapy is using that state of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

How can hypnosis help to end my problem ?

When you are in hypnosis you are relaxed both physically and mentally. In this state your mind operates more efficiently and effectively. An example of this can be do to with your memory. A person’s name might be on the tip of y our tongue but no matter how hard you try, you just cant recall it. Yet, once you stop trying the name comes back to you. The difference here is that you were putting your mind under tension trying to force it to remember. However when you stopped and thought of something else, you allowed your mind to relax and the name came to you. When the mind and body are relaxed we have better access to our memories. We are a product of our memories and past experiences. Sometimes we need to return to a memory in order to resolve what happened for our peace of mind before we can move on in the future.

How long does a session last ?

A quit smoking session takes between 90 to 120 minutes.

How Do I Arrange my Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session ?

Just email Steven [email protected] to or why not call him for an informal chat on 01773 436796 .